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IARS is a Web Portal for Promoting Nanotechnology Research & Development  Promoted by Dr. Arun Kumar  and Dr. Ajith Kumar / Nano Doctor Brothers . Both Medical Graduates from Medical College, Trivandrum, specializing in NANOTECH and Multi disciplinary Research & Development. Their project "DNA BRAID GENESEQ"/''Nanogeneseq Chip Design''  is the only project Selected from India to be Presented at the 11 th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology in California, USA.

  • They have Jointly Designed Computerized ECG Machine Development /Descrete Fractal ECG , Circadian Pacemaker Development . Design / Technology    - NANOGENESEQ CHIP Design Technology , HELINASER , NANOFLOWNOIDS , SPLASHTEC , NANOCIRCADIAN PACEMAKER , NANOFIBON SENSOR , DESCRETE FRACTAL QUANTUM DOTS,  DESCRETE FRACTAL ECG , Neo I care , Cybertransmaya, Surgi Raze,Pion Engine,SysIlluminator,Nano Stem Cell Therapy. Dr. Ajith Kumar & Dr. Arun Kumar was invited as an expert to Indian Government for Nanotech Road Map. Dr. Arun Kumar & Dr. Ajith Kumar were  selected to NEOCARDIOGENESIS FOUNDATION,U.S.A.IARS is a  Web Portal Promoted By Doctor Brothers Dr Arun Kumar & Dr Ajith Kumar for Promoting Nanotechnology Research & Development.
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