Nano Fractal Technologies

                                             Scientific Prototype 

 Descrete Fractal ECG. This new innovative ECG apparatus consist of

1. Means of acquiring the plurality of lead values as a function of time for a set of ECG leads.

2. Means for defining a spatial curve from the lead values of at least 3 leads (Conventional)

3. Means for calculating the DFDI as a function of time for the spatial curve.

4. And means for monitoring the time rate of change of DFDI

The apparatus mentioned further comprises of calculating the lead values from Electrode e readings taken from electrodes attached to a patient.

The apparatus said above where in a-ve time rate of change of DFDI is indicative of NCA(Normal Cardiac activities ) and a +ve indicative of PCA (Pathological Cardiac Activities).

The apparatus said above further comprises of set of ECG leads from 3 to the power N (in general) but 3-120 (Practical) This means for calculating the full set of ECG leads from a subset of at least 3 ECG leads by using a spin universal transformation matrix.



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