Nano Music


The original idea &theme conceived by Nano Dr brothers {Dr Arun& Dr Ajith}. The original space-time {XYZ -Time} coordinates was being incorporated in Nano music forming a new dimension SPACE MUSIC {XYZ Music} coordinates. A new geometry is being created for YOGA incorporating Nano music for the treatment of chronic disease conditions already persistent now. YOGA - NANOMUSIC INTEGRATION is a new dimension to the physical and spiritual world. NANO Dr brothers is introducing a hitech dimensional world incorporating YOGA & NANOMUSIC.

NANOMUSIC streches out by the new assumption that instead of time dimension ,if we can incorporate music as a dimension replacing time dimension, then we get a SPACE MUSIC continuum rather than SPACE TIME continuum. The most important advantage of such an interpretation is that since time is uni directional and complex it is far difficult to predict, fix and control time. but music can be controlled predicted and fixed. in music it is the back ground that we can fix and the signal to noise ratio can be controlled. Bearing this feature in mind and incorporating the modern principles of information theory, NANO Dr brothers is introducing a new musical pradigm , which we here highlighting it as NANOMUSIC concept


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