The new innovative ECG apparatus consist of:
1.    Means of acquiring the plurality of lead values as a function of time for a set of ECG leads.
2.1.    Means for defining a spatial curve from the lead values of at least 3 leads (Conventional)
2.2.    Means for calculating the DFDI as a function of time for the spatial curve.
2.3.    Means for monitoring the time rate of change of DFDI

The apparatus mentioned further comprises of calculating the lead values from Electrode readings taken from electrodes attached to a patient.
The apparatus said above where in a-ve time rate of change of DFDI is indicative of NCA (Normal Cardiac activities) and a +ve indicative of PCA (Pathological Cardiac Activities).
The apparatus said above further comprises of set of ECG leads from 3 to the power N (in general) but 3-120 (Practical) This means for calculating the full set of ECG leads from a subset of at least 3 ECG leads by using a spin universal transformation matrix.

Theoretical Protocols/DESIGNS


HLS is a moving semiconductor material that can be wired the NC (Nanogeneseq Chip), which is capable of detecting the movement of the molecules and DNA segments following through the NC. Its capability to move in a spiral fashion allows it to measure the size and shape of molecules as they arrives the end of each of the nanochannels and empty into the detection chamber. HLS being made of semiconductor materials that can be wired to minicorprocessors down to the nanoscale level can be remotely controlled as to modify key parameters, such as flow rate of molecules within the NC and the temperature in discrete portions of the device. This is turn allows to remotely control through the use of advanced self learning algorithma (Figure 1), the order in which molecules are separated and detected. HLS is a true nanoscale 3D imaging system. Spatial light sensing in sequencing and proteomics systems has not been used by anyone yet. It represents a true innovation all by itself.


Nanocircadian Pacemaker is a new innovative pacemaker to be used by pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, universities, research institutes & individuals. It uses a nano motor and nanomechanical pump mechanism which induces the pineal gland and control and regulate the circadian activities. A Digital to Analogue & Analogue to Digital mode of transformation can be effectively made using advanced bionic sensors working on Nano Technology using Neural Networks & quantum algorithm. A quantum form alogrithm works as a specific neural network scheme and trace out numerous pattern of EEG form and isolate the most feasible sine wave coming out of it and it's sensed out and amplified. The second part comprises in studying the wave with the normal pineal wave & EEG waves so that a general pattern is sensed out, using the concept of relative rate of change of the wave the most feasible change is traced out and amplified i.e. here we use a differential amplifier analogue circuit. The new innovative idea is based on a new platform search for wave rectification as well as its purification using in-build software using solution and fractal function. We definitely hope to bring out the wave form which can be controlled by a mouse. We primarily focus on extraction of the Pineal wave form and then trying to induce it using software controlled mouse.


Nanofibon sensor is a new innovative pacemaker to be used by pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, universities, research institutes & individuals, to detect and identify a wide variety of pathogens and to combat "BIOTERRORISM" Based on discrete fractal method. Nanofibon Sensor consists of a lipid coated nanotube with light sensitive protein like Rhodopsin / Biorhodopsin and it's rolled up like a spiral arrangement using graphite. The Orientation is given by the new formula which integrates Fibonacci, Figenbaum Constant. Which we derived at, it’s just like the spiral Orientation by extended by a constant spacing equivalent to patent 314/CHE/2004, 343/CHE/2004
1. Fast
2. Highly sensitive
3. High Accurancy
4. Cheap Applications
1. An a Biosensor for detecting Pathogens
2. To combat "BIOTERRORISM"


Nanoflownoids is a new innovative semi conductor device. It depends on the flow of fluids including added materials along a nano channel based on specific dimensions (fractal dimensions) it creates a three dimensional field called Nanoflow Electro Magnetic field, which are mutually Perpendicular in a way such that a flow along the X axis creates an electric current along the Y axis and a magnetic field along the Z axis giving a 3D effect.


This new innovative idea by the inventors is a SPLASHTEC (Light Augmented Sensing Holography) to be used by R&D industries and Pharmaceutical companies related to Proteomics and Drug development. It can also used in semi conductor industry, holographic Camera Industry for picturing molecular self assembly etc. This the core concept in the development of DIGITAL GENE CARD based on our Nanogeneseq Chip (Patent No. 314/CHE/2004). The splash technique consists of
i)    Spatial light modulators
ii)    Holographic associated memories using these two advanced elements and our discovery called Discrete Branching Concept (Patent No. 314/CHE/2004) and Fractal Geometry, it is developed. Splash Technology is based on DNA imprinching on to a Nano plate, using that advanced voltage controlled spatial light modulators are developed. The Application of a voltage across the thin film (Nano film) increases or decreases the M band intermediate i.e., the light absorption properties based on wave length and frequencies by opposing or enhancing the proton dislocation property. It is this thereshold device which is used for holographic associative memories.
1.    In the existing light sensing devices and technologies have M intermediate factor taking mixed values. This limits the sensitivity and 3D resolution. In Splash Tech the M intermediate is extended at takes individual as well as mixed values of light sensing which big step in holographic properties is.
2.    Coupling this with multiple quantum well & Quantum Dot semi conductor devices, we can record depth resolved hologram using multiple wave lengths. I.e., color 3D image in real time.
3.    Protein manipulation -Using Digital Gene Card, the hologram effectively senses out and predicts with high resolution, the structural shape of protein encoded by the genetic link.


Nanogeneseq chip is a cube like structure composed of juxtaposed silicon plates (wafers). It has a multiple sieve architecture made possible by nanoscale channels itched in the wafers. The nanochannels of each wafer are connected to the channels of the wafer lying immediately below, thus forming a sponge-like device. The size of the channels in each wafer decreased from top to bottom i. e. they are largest in the top wafer and smallest in the bottom wafer. It is this multiple sieve sponge-like architecture that allows NC to seperate large molecules according to mass and shape. NC being made of semiconductor material that can be wired to microprocessors down to the nanoscale level, can be remotely controlled as to modify key parameters, such as flow rate of molecules within the NC and the temperature in discrete portions of the device. This is turn allows to remotely control through the use of advanced self learning algorithms, the order in which molecules are separated and detected. Menger sponge, the design at the heart of NANOGENESEQ CHIP, can be fabricated: By taking a cube of side 1, dividing into 27 small cubes, removing the central cube and each cube on the middle of the 6 phases of the cube, applying the sa~e trans- formation to the remaining 20 cubes and iterating until a finite structure is obtained. The side of the cube with iteration is reduced to one third, while the number of cubes increases by a factor of 20. The diamentions of the menger sponge is there- fore log 20/log3=1.301 0/0.4771 =2. 73 approximately (a fractional dimension, hence called a fractal) With each literation the volume reduced by a factor of 20/27=0.741, so that ultimately the volume is reduced significantly, while generating additional surface i.e. the overall surface area increases significantly. This provides the following benefits: Increasing the surface area more data can be stored and flown through reducing the volume of the device, retrieval of data from the storage site is accelerated.


These are new type of fundamentally small 3D dots which are the fundamental building blocks for a helical nano laser. They can emit light at wave 1engths of extreme frequencies viz. Sub violet, Indigo and Sub indigo level. The technique is based on transforming or optical transformation of electron wave in a relatively small space by without changing the perimeter and change of area. A trans- formation called 'QUANTUM PERIODIC WAVE EFFECT'. This effect can be localized using specific geometries and can be tamed to develop practical purposenova1 devices at extreme small scales of matter. The Quantum Periodic Wave Effect produces waves of every shape as described by Schrodingerwave equation and Fast Fourier transformation methods. A particular case can produce fractal quantum dots. When the perimeter is defined as an ellipse and sustaining it without loss in both uncertainty in position and uncertainty in momentum we can get a wave equivalent which is invariant in perimeter but a change in area and there by volume. It creates a fractional quantum dots which can ossilate producing frequency ranges from sub violet to blue level.


Chameliophores are cavities with a laser scheme attached inside it, such that the laser emits the light at Nano frequency in a circular membrane diagonolly. The cavity is made such that it will not allow simultaneously 2 DNA bits or finIte number to pass. When the DNA base paires A T G C cuts the light it causes a shadow according through the emission perrnissivity depending on the material chosen ,such that the cavity itself can act as a sensor sensing the electrical difference as well as the conductance giving at a signal it can be amplified and displayed according to our needs


Nanotechno City'' project by Dr. Arun Kumar & Dr. Ajith Kumar is published in the International journal ''BIOPRENEUR'' {Sept, 2008} issue.
Dr. Arun Kumnar & Dr. Ajith Kumar are being selected in the Board of Directors of NEOCARDIOGENESIS FOUNDATION, Ohio, USA in November, 2008.

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